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About Us

About GreenAct International:

GreenAct International is a cross-cutting emerging 100% black and female owned company, specializing in sustainable project management in the sustainability and environmental space. GreenAct International was established in 2014 (registered as a Private Company at Registrar of Companies South Africa), and is a technical service provider in the field of local government. 

Our Aim

 GreenAct International's aim is ‘Building sustainable local economies through innovative planning and implementation’

Our Approach

We at GreenAct International recognise that a much more intense focus on the sustainability of all future development initiatives, especially at local government level and in community driven projects, is crucial in creating lasting legacies which must contribute to mitigating the effects of climate change. Thus, our key focus is on: Integrated development planning; local economic development; community development; municipal support and capacity building; information technology and knowledge management; organisational and human resource development; strategic management; quantitative and qualitative research; marketing and communications; as well as sound project management.

We also recognise that sustainable development in all its facets must have its roots in any given development initiative when it’s conception and planning phase, be it of an individual, organisational or environmental nature.

Finally, GreenAct International seeks to build partnerships locally and internationally for purposes of collaboration and sharing best practices within the green economy space.